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"Charlotte Lee, ovni néo jazzy post eighties, armée d'une belle voix grave, d'un culot et d'un swing costaud..."

André Manoukian

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 "The hybrid universe of Charlotte Lee combines the genres with just the right little bit of poetry to do a colorful and very beautiful musical trip."

        Everyday at artsixMic, we receive in great number, albums, artists presentations, and it’s fantastic to see such quality and creativity come permanently and tickle our ears. The main problem, as always, is that we are lacking time to listen all that. Then yesterday evening, a well formulated communiqué, that drew our attention more than others, said : “I am Charlotte Lee. I am a singer, musician, author, composer artist, from Chamonix and Tokyo. It is a great pleasure to present you my first album “Superwise Company”, arranged, realized and produced by Gilles Coquard and myself.


Born in Tokyo in 1988, from a French mother and a Japanese-Korean father, she grows up in Chamonix (Alps), in the heart of sport and mountain world. As a little girl, she studies classical piano during 6 years. At 17, she teaches skiing, snowboarding, and starts paragliding. Passionate by acrobatic paragliding and speed riding, she devotes all her time to these activities and wins several rewards that allow her to look to the future as a professional. At 20, she becomes a mother and stops her paragliding career in 2009. Then she creates a quartet called « Charlotte and the Og’s », emblematic group of the region, who will perform more than 700 concerts between 2010 and 2014. In 2014, she moves to Paris and starts learning jazz at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. In 2017, while she continues performing piano-vocal concerts alone or with musicians, she works with the renowned Gilles Coquard, on « Superwise Company ». 


      So we thought: why not go and discover this new universe, ending the day in music. We first came upon the Superwise Company teaser that really really led us to know more, then, we listened to her first single “Strong and Spicy”, and here is what she says about it : “A pop hybrid record in a poetic and explosive universe: Pop music of course, with a pinch of Jazz, a cloud of Blues, a teardrop of Soul, that take us from Broadway to Montmartre in cinemascope. Powered by an enchanting voice, the melodies and lyrics in Shakespeare, Molière and Cervantes languages invite us for a great travel along with superb musicians. Rhythm, harmony, choirs, energy, humor, and … great love.” 

In summary, a beautiful discover with the promise of a beautiful album that might surprise more than one, as it is true that this hybrid universe combines the genres with just the right little bit of poetry to make a colorful and very beautiful musical trip. A voice that sounds in tune and lits well written lyrics in a mix of languages that gives energy and life to this inventive artistic creation. 


         National release of the album is planned at the end of September 2018. She will be in concert in Paris on the 23rd of October 2018 at Le Reservoir. Charlotte Lee, a musician to be followed and listened to, without moderation."


Jean Marc Lebeaupin


"Charlotte Lee, ovni néo jazzy post eighties, armée d'une belle voix grave, d'un culot et d'un swing costaud..."

André Manoukian

 "Chère Charlotte, bravo pour ce premier opus. Il semble extrêmement bien produit et sans parler de la dream team. Au-delà de la découverte d’une belle et touchante artiste qui porte dans sa voix, ses mélodies et textes une maturité précoce et bouleversante. Bravo et longue vie à toi !"

Philippe Baden Powell

  "Je viens de m'écouter cette petite perle que tu m'as offerte entre deux caisses d'orange. Si l'écrin est accrocheur, les petits bijoux qui se trouvent à l’intérieur m'ont subjugués. Quelle voix, quel travail. j'aime le blues, la soul, le jazz et le rock sous toutes ses formes. Ce bébé mérite d'être entendu. Je suis donc tombé amoureux de la company, de son univers. une très belle surprise pour moi, et un des meilleurs albums écouté depuis trèssss longtemps. Merci Charlotte, merci la Company et  à très vite pour échanger quelques mots musicaux sous le Mont Blanc."

Sebastien Dufour - Rock en Folie Radio

Ahasverus Cornelius

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