After 800 concerts performed with different groups, Charlotte, with the Superwise Company Production, presents her first album:



        Now available


 Arranged and Directed by

 Gilles Coquard & Charlotte Lee


1 - STRONG & SPICY : (Ch.Lee / Ch.Lee - G.Coquard)

 Once upon a time, a gentleman like no other … so spicy …


2 - PICK UP THE MOONLIGHT : (Ch.Lee / Ch.Lee - G.Coquard)

Universe is the same for everyone, a glimpse at the sky and borders disappear. A night stroll lit by the most beautiful lamp post in the world..  



Inspired by Grant Heslow movie “Les Chèvres du Pentagone” (The Pentagon’s goats), the Superwise Company is an imaginary, utopic and burlesque paradox : with soldiers trained for love, happiness, life, liberty and ecstasy…

a very special regiment has a mission: pacify the armies.


4 - ORGANYA : (Ch. Lee)

A mountain that never stops crying, its tears were mine. 


5 - WOO : (Ch. Lee) 

Love has its own colors and mood : it sings the blues and everything becomes blue, fascination, curiosity, desire, it makes me totally Woo! 


6 - VOUS (UNPLUGGED) : (Ch. Lee / Ch.Lee - G.Coquard) 

A intimate vocal - guitar. Surrounded by love, velvet handcuffs,

I imprison you.. 


7 - WINTERTIME : (Ch. Lee)  

Ps : “My dear Winter, I am getting cold, when are you gonna leave me ?”


8 - FEURICH DE LANGLAU : (Ch. Lee)  

My wonderful piano made from burr yew, the eternity tree, it seems we have known each other for ever.

From a first magical talk, was born a tale on Death: ”to those who are carried away by the night, lost into excess, loneliness and disarray”.


 9 - SMILE : (Ch. Lee) 

Disregard, individualism, incivility, violence, this world is in great need of love.    


10 - MON BEAU PARIS : (Ch. Lee)  

He was hoping so much… he could only find a bench.


11 - LOONEY TUNES : (Ch. Lee)  

They want no music, no poetry, no balloons, no extravagance in their city… The will certainly get bored someday.  


12 - LIBERTE : (Ch. Lee/ G.Coquard ) 

“Liberty, i'm gonna perish with my country if you don’t come back” 


13 - GUINNEVERE (DUO) : (D. Crosby ) 

Charlotte and Gilles perform in duo a cover song of David Crosby’s masterpiece that evokes esotericism, liberty, and three women he has been in love with. One of them was Joni Mitchell. 

“A pop hybrid record in a poetic and explosive universe: Pop music of course, with a pinch of Jazz, a cloud of Blues, a teardrop of Soul, that take us from Broadway to Montmartre in cinemascope.

Powered by an enchanting voice, the melodies and lyrics in Shakespeare, Molière and Cervantes languages invite us for a great travel.

Superb musicians, rhythm, harmony, choirs, energy, humor and ....  lot of love.” 


 "A UFO in her generation"



The Songs :


The Superwise Company of the Album  Arranged & Produced by GILLES COQUARD & CHARLOTTE LEE

CHARLOTTE LEE :   Lead vocal - Piano - Keyboards -  Backing vocal       

GILLES COQUARD : Bass - Double bass - Guitars -  Backing vocal


FRANCIS ARNAUD :  Drums - Percussions  

PASCAL COQUARD : Sound Engineer                          


Lyrics & Music : Charlotte Lee excepted

1-2-6 : Charlotte Lee / Charlotte Lee - Gilles Coquard 

12 : Charlotte Lee / Gilles Coquard 

13 : David Crosby


Recorded & Mixed at Studio Les Tontons Flingueurs between October 2017 & February 2018 by Pascal Coquard -

Mastering  at Electric City (Brussels) February 22nd by Alan Ward 

Design : Michel Dellamore 

Photography : Margaux Rodrigues -

Make up : Joanna Faivre - Instagram - 

Photography while recording : 

Martin Bochatay -

Film Director  of Superwise Comp prod :

Mathieu Lee -

Artistic Partners : 

Menga Films : 

Connecting the dots :

Superwise Company Production - 2018 - SCP 001


Superwise Company Production