Charlotte Lee

Artist Singer - Pianist - Song-writer - Composer - Producer 

Photographie : Margaux Rodrigues

     Passionate by life, arts, beauty of the world, its complexity and poetry, by

strong feelings and any kind of emotions, by encounter with the Other, with

oneself, and of course by music! 


    Born in Tokyo in 1988, from a French mother and a Japanese-Korean father,

she grows up in Chamonix (Alps), in the heart of sport and mountain world,

(Special Skiing & Study Program).

As a little girl, she studies classical piano during 6 years.


      At 17, she teaches skiing, snowboarding, and starts paragliding.                   

Passionate by acrobatic paragliding and speed riding, she devotes all her time

to these activities and wins several rewards that allow her to look to a great future

as a professional.

At 20, she becomes a mother and, further to a flight incident, stops her paragliding

career in 2009. The wilderness period begins …


       She becomes then a singer in a cover band.  She gains experience, performing every evening a demanding and varied repertoire. Fascinated by the music, she creates her first duo, that reconnect herself with the piano.

Then she creates a quartet called «Charlotte and the Og’s»,  which will rapidly becomes an emblematic group

of the region. Together, they will perform more than 700 concerts between 2010 and 2014.


    In 2014, she moves to Paris and starts learning Jazz at the Bill Evans Piano Academy. She studies during 2 years, piano, singing, Brasilian music, salsa, and gets passionnated by Jazz harmony. She enters the Gospel Voice Academy of Paris , where she discovers the magic of singing with a group.


    In 2017, while she continues performing piano-vocal concerts alone or with musicians, she works with the renowned Gilles Coquard, on her first album « Superwise Company » that they initially produce in their own Parisian home studio, and then finalize at the studio « Les Tontons Flingueurs ». 13 titles of which 12 compositions will emerge, in a style she qualifies as « Pop-Hybrid ».


A universe that totally reflects the many influences she had and her atypical course. 


Charlotte and the Superwise Company are currently working on the Live that promises to be a real show, mixing different forms of art they affectionate. 



                    So … Stay tuned !


Charlotte Lee Music

Artiste chanteuse musicienne  -  Auteur  -  Compositeur 

Singer & Music artist  -  Songwriter  -  Composer  

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